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Cargo Management

By employing the services of Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd, you will have access to the 100,000 square metres of warehousing space strategically located near the deep sea container terminals throughout South Africa, including the inland port of Johannesburg. The geographic location and the integrated nature of the facilities offer flexible and cost effective services that enhance your import and export needs. We offer:

  • Handling of containerised general freight 
  • Customs clearing and associated documentation
  • Strapping, palletising, fumigating and lashing
  • Heavy and out of gauge cargo handling (typically project work)
  • Dry bulk container loading
  • Reefers (on a direct transfer basis)
  • Cargo transport throughout South Africa
  • X-doc and associated transport services
  • Transit cargo storage and inventory control
  • SARS Licenced and bonded facility
  • Customs detentions - unpack / repack and tailboard examinations
  • Bonded warehousing (OS and SOS facilities available)
  • Other parastatal detentions (SAPS/Plant inspector/State Vet/NRCS/Port health/etc)
  • Storage and handling of empty containers to facilitate export packing

Our integrated cargo services aside from onsite handling include transportation logistics (road, rail,sea and airfreight) as well as documentation, electronic information, container management and supply chain management.

Full container management

We handle over 500,000 containers annually and store, at any one time, over 5,000 full. Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd has the capacity to transport empty and full containers and cargo of every size, shape and description around South Africa.

With facilities in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth (for details of these click here), Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd is able to efficiently transport goods via road, rail and sea. We offer:

  • Full container staging and storage (including out-of-gauge containers)
  • Transport road and rail (short and long haul)
  • Full container weighing facility (SAMSA) – Method 1
  • Government detentions

Reefer services

Reefers (refrigerated containers) are required when transporting cargo that is temperature sensitive.

Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd reefer services located in Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth include:

  • Handling, storage and staging on plug points
  • Daily monitoring of reefer containers
  • Cape Town are accredited agents for the supply of reefer spares on behalf of international manufacturers such as Carrier, Thermoking and Daikin


Having the ability to manage entire supply chains from source to destination, through a partnership with global forwarders, has entrenched Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd in the market. Hallmarks of Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd’s service include a complete supply chain management solution along with flexibility, reliability, continual innovation, and the provision of timeous and accurate information to customers.

Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd, with its wide network, provides a full supply chain management solution for the delivery of materials, information and finances, in both upstream and downstream directions. Supply chain management even extends internationally, ensuring your import or export processes are executed, documented and reported as is required by the customer. We will take care of everything from your documentation requirements to the logistics of the transportation method best suited to your needs.

Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd offers fully customised services including freight management, documentation, transportation logistics and reefer services.


Transportation Logistics

Rail Transport

An intermodal rail contract with Transnet enables Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd to offer a comprehensive rail service in Southern Africa.

Road Transport

Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd has transport capabilities throughout South Africa providing both short and long haul road transport services.

Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd provides an efficient on-carriage road transport service between Depots (Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth) on a depot-to-depot basis, or directly to the customer.

Sea Freight

To facilitate international import and export business Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd offers sea freight services to all destinations globally. We maintain a good relationship with the shipping lines, which enables us to procure competitive sea freight rates for our customers’ to any destination.

4. Documentation

Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd's import and export documentation services include:

  • Container Terminal Orders (CTOs)
  • Freight Transit Orders (FTOs)
  • Cargo Dues Order (CDOs)
  • Packing lists
  • Rail lists
  • Customs (SARS) and Statutory documentation for import and export cargoes can be arranged by Durban Universal Containers (Pty) Ltd through regional and international partnerships within the forwarding industry
  • Weighing certificates (SAMSA)

5. Outsourcing

Over the last 25 years, Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd has developed substantial skills in supply chain management solutions. This specialist knowledge and experience, coupled with our strategic facilities, means that outsourcing supply chain management solutions to Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd allows your company to focus on its own core competencies, while still enjoying personalised and excellent service.

Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd is part of The Bidvest Group, which opens up a wide range of services and strategic facilities across the supply chain.

6.Technical Infrastructure

One of the foundations of Durban Cargo Universal Containers Pty Ltd’s service is its IT capability which allows our customers and us to have access to up to date information. Refer to more detail under “Technical information”.